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Calcium is popularly known as the essential element for maintaining bone health. In truth, a diet rich in calcium is essential for preventing rickets, osteoporosis, and bone fractures, but requires sufficient vitamin D and magnesium to make sure your bones can properly absorb the required calcium.

Most of your calcium should come from dietary sources, rather than supplements. The best dietary sources include cheeses, unsweetened yogurt, dark leafy greens (e.g. bok choi, kale, mustard greens), fish with edible bones (such as sardines), sesame, almonds, and broccoli. Because of the high amount of milk sugar, drinking milk is not actually a great source of calcium.

In addition to bone health, calcium has positive effects on blood pressure, maintaining proper heart rhythm, and proper muscle function. Calcium also reduces the risk of colon cancer, helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and helps you properly distribute other nutrients in your body to nerves, bones, and muscles.

How to Make Bones Strong: Foods, Tips & Supplements that Work

Strong bones are our best friends, allowing us to stay mobile and active. But, like so many other health conditions, accurate information about what makes and keeps bones strong and healthy is hard to find. Calcium is a good example. The dairy industry spends millions of dollars every year to convince us that their products […]

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