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Vision & Hearing

Vision and hearing are two of our most important senses. It’s how we take in the world around us, and ensuring that you maintain good eyesight and hearing throughout your life will help you as you age.

Have Trouble Hearing?

If you know someone with hearing loss, you know how difficult life can be. Misunderstanding directions, constantly asking people to repeat themselves, avoiding noisy restaurants and social events because it’s too difficult to hear — these are just a few of the issues created by hearing difficulties. I am not a hearing specialist or otolaryngologist, […]

Anthony’s Hearing Diagnosis

man with a hand cupping his ear
After a second divorce, Anthony, who had been a patient for several years, began taking antidepressants. When he came to see me for a physical, I asked if there were any health problems we needed to talk about. “Everything’s pretty good now,” he replied. “But I’ve got this awful buzzing in my right ear, and […]

How to Take Care of Your Eyes

Our eyes are some of the most complex organs in our bodies. And although I’m not an eye specialist, I can tell you that vision problems may be a symptom of other health issues. Or these difficulties could be side effects of common medications, including the daily aspirin that’s so often touted as the one-size-fits-all […]

Quick Wilted Spinach with Garlic and Walnuts

Serves 2 to 3 This recipe could not be easier, since spinach is best when cooked least. Most of the effort is in the preparation because the spinach needs to be thoroughly cleaned, unless you have a good source of prewashed spinach. (I always rewash packaged salad greens that claim to be triple washed just […]

How to Age Well and Add 10 Years to Your Life

If you’ve ever dreamed of stopping Father Time, I have good news. The old guy may not be stoppable quite yet, but we do know how to slow him down — a lot! The average American already has a very good chance of living seven or eight decades, and researchers now think it may be […]

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