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Millions of Americans suffer from some sort of sleep problem. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or trouble staying you are not alone. Here you will find great resources on how to ensure you get your full eight hours every night.

Natural Pain Relief for Leg Cramps

You know that getting the proper amount of sleep is essential for your health. Without it, your body can’t recover from the day, your muscles can’t build, your brain can’t clean out the detritus that is brought about by electrical activity, and your organs never get a chance to rest, clean, and reset. That’s why […]

Caffeine’s benefits and dangers

Many people forget—caffeine is a drug. It alters mood, behavior, and the chemical workings of your body. There are probably more people addicted to caffeine than any other drug on the planet. Maybe more than all other drugs combined. So you might be surprised to hear me say—that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Though a […]

Healthy Habits Work, No Matter Your Age

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…but that isn’t necessarily true. It’s never too late to get healthy. I know lots of patients—and friends!—who don’t want to change unhealthy habits, or adopt healthy ones. After all, I’m often asked, “What good can it do? I’ve done X my whole life, so changing […]

12 healthy habits to adopt for a new year

Today, I want to share 12 simple, life-changing habits for maximum health…and happiness. Habits get a bad rap—we often think of the bad ones out there. But the truth is, habits form the backbone of about 95% of what we do every day—the good and the bad. And that’s why it’s so important to fill […]

5 Tips to Stop Aging Now

Except for a few kids currently in middle school, no one wants to grow older. Our bodies are miraculous, self-healing machines built to last 80 years or more. Still, over time, your body will slowly break down. It’s inevitable. But the time it takes to get there isn’t inevitable—not at all. In fact, there’s plenty […]

5 keys to a more sleep-friendly bedroom

Do you have trouble sleeping? The problem might be your room. Most people look inward for explanations when they don’t get enough sleep. Or they focus far outside themselves, at work or family stress. Those can all contribute. But sometimes, the answer is simpler than you think. If your bedroom isn’t set up to help […]

For a good night’s sleep, change how you eat

Lots of families have home remedies, passed on through generations, to aid sleep. Warm milk. A shot of hot brandy. Some cocoa just before bed. Turns out, there is a strong connection between what you eat and how well you sleep. But it’s not what most of us think. A new study out of Columbia […]

Blue Light Disrupts Sleep

man reading laptop in bed
In these pages, I often talk about the impact of sleep on your health. It truly affects everything. From your immune system, to digestion, to the possibility of developing diseases like diabetes and cancer later in life—sleep is at the heart of it all. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get the […]

Fatigue is a real symptom, not just aging

On a daily basis, I see patients who are beyond frustrated. The reason? Their doctor doesn’t take them seriously. They dismiss symptoms as “all in your head” or “a passing phase” or “just part of getting older”. But oftentimes, they’re wrong. Diagnosing illnesses can be difficult. And the more complex or mysterious, the harder it […]

Five healthy habits for your new year

couple jogging
We’re now deep in the throes of Resolution Season. Of course, there’s nothing special about the new year that lends itself to creating new habits. In fact, our body is working against us right now. Days are short, which helps decrease activity. The weather is cold, which tells us to pack on the pounds, to […]

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