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Health & Beauty

Health and beauty tips often go overlooked as to how they can impact your actual health. Your body’s largest organ is your skin and taking care of it is vitally important. Not to be overlooked, as well, is how looking better can actually make you feel better.

4 safe and healthy post surgery recovery tips

When it comes to physical ailments, we’re all for healing slow and steady, using what nature has so generously given us. But sometimes, surgery is the only answer. If you’re planning on going under the knife, here are answers to 4 frequently asked questions about the best way to heal and protect the body after […]

Heatstroke and other warm weather dangers: symptoms and relief

city experiencing heatwave th could lead to heatstroke
With record-breaking heat upon us, the midday sun can be dangerous, even fatal. Here’s how to be sure your summer fun isn’t interrupted by a trip to the emergency room. Don’t shun the sun Let’s start by reminding ourselves that the sun isn’t our enemy—though sunscreen makers sure want you to think that. We don’t […]

Sunscreen: Choose One That Leaves You Healthier

couple sitting in the sun
Summer’s here, so it’s time, once again, to determine which sunscreens are hazardous to our health. There are zillions of sunscreens out there, and many contain known health-threatening ingredients and untested ingredients that might also be dangerous. So before we go dancin’ in the sun-bathed streets, let’s learn sunscreen smarts. We all have skin in […]

Is mineral makeup safer? How dangerous is regular makeup?

If you’re a woman who wears makeup, you’ve likely noticed over the past couple of decades the emergence of mineral makeup. Perhaps not by mistake, the rise of mineral-based makeup seemed to coincide with a growing trend among forward-thinking women to question and scrutinize what they’re putting on their skin and hair. You see, lotion […]

Melanoma prevention via sun protection and skin inspection

woman in a sundress and hat in a sunny field
Nothing says summer like endless hours of fun in the sun. But as you know, that bright orb in the sky has a dark side. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays over time is the single greatest cause of skin cancer, including deadly melanoma. There are several types of skin cancer, and most are […]

Truthful and complete: how to talk to your doctor

Doctor trying to get truthful and complete information from their patient
The doctor-patient relationship is a sacred trust, literally a life-and-death bond. But recent research found that half of the 3,000 subjects studied admitted that they deliberately lied to their doctors, or withheld information about their conditions. Let me remind you why this should never happen—and what should always happen. It’s all about you It goes […]

Q&A on Recovering from Surgery

I’m all for healing slow and steady, using what nature has so generously given us. But sometimes, surgery is the only answer. Here are some questions I’m frequently asked about the best ways to heal and protect the body after a surgical procedure. I’m about to have surgery. Any tips to help me recover? First, […]

Eating late can affect your circadian rhythm for the worst, leading to skin damage

set up for a picnic on the beach in the evening
Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center recently made an interesting discovery—one that could give you pause next time you crave a midnight snack. They found that eating late at night could possibly make you more vulnerable to sunburn and sun damage, along with all the long-term effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays, […]

Q&A: Finding an Integrative Medicine Doctor

Older woman talking to her doctor
I’ve been practicing integrative medicine for decades. It’s a dream job for me because I feel like I’m truly making a difference in my patients’ lives. But people who are new to integrative medicine often ask what integrative medicine is and how they can find a practitioner near them. What is an Integrative Medicine Doctor […]

Effective supplements: how do you know if they’re working?

When trying a new supplement, like most people, you probably wonder “how will I know if it’s working?” The answer is either “Give it time, and you’ll feel it working,” or “Give it time, and you won’t feel it working.” If you’re thinking, “Huh?”, please let me explain. To know when a supplement is working, […]

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