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Energy, fatigue and exhaustion are becoming bigger issues for Americans as we find ourselves working harder and longer hours. Energy drinks and coffee are popular quick-fixes, but there are better ways you can fight fatigue throughout the day that aren’t as hazardous to your health long- and short-term.

6 ways to slow muscle loss and stay strong as you age

They say it’s hell getting old. And while I’m not sure who “they” are, even though there are a lot of wonderful aspects of life in our later years, I can tell you that getting older is not without its fair share of challenges as well. One of them is a phenomenon called sarcopenia. Like […]

The simplest way to protect yourself from disease

If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s the importance of oxygen. Unfortunately, air pollution is affecting the quality of the oxygen you breathe. And that means that you’re in danger of not getting enough of this vital substance to support good health. Is oxygen really that important? Absolutely! Without it, […]

Telomeres—the secret to healthy living and longer lifespans

The article below was written by Tracey Roizman, DC. Learn more about Tracey and our other experts here. The two strands of your DNA—the iconic double helix of genetic information coiled within the nucleus of every cell, are loosely held together with weak bonds so that, at any given time, sections can be carefully “unzipped” […]

Anemia: Symptoms, Signs, And Natural Treatments

Anemia is an often-overlooked condition that affects about 5–6 percent of Americans. It can occur in anyone, but those at highest risk are women, young children, and anyone with a chronic disease. The most common symptom of anemia is fatigue, but others include rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath (especially after exercise), dizziness, pale skin, […]

CoQ10’s Health Benefits for your Energy, Heart, and Eyes

They’re the age-old questions physicians have grappled with forever. Why does my body slow down, and health deteriorate, as I age?  Can I slow or stop it? Recent studies of co-enzyme Q10 (better known as CoQ10) give us some of the best answers ever. CoQ10 is one of our favorite supplements and one of the […]

Weight gain from thyroid or adrenal problems

Have you been doing everything right, but still continue to gain weight? Are you getting enough sleep, the right nutrients, not overeating—yet the pounds continue to pile on? It might not be your fault. It might be an issue with either your thyroid, or adrenal, glands. The truth is, when you have a problem with […]

Caffeine’s benefits and dangers

Many people forget—caffeine is a drug. It alters mood, behavior, and the chemical workings of your body. There are probably more people addicted to caffeine than any other drug on the planet. Maybe more than all other drugs combined. So you might be surprised to hear me say—that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Though a […]

Healthy, Natural, Energy-boosting Foods

Around this time of year, many animals wind down their energy-intensive preparations for hibernation. Somewhere in our genes is a similar urge to also wind down as cold weather comes. We can’t fit several months of blissful hibernation into our schedules and snooze away our days. What we can do is look to energy-boosting foods […]

Fatigue is a real symptom, not just aging

On a daily basis, I see patients who are beyond frustrated. The reason? Their doctor doesn’t take them seriously. They dismiss symptoms as “all in your head” or “a passing phase” or “just part of getting older”. But oftentimes, they’re wrong. Diagnosing illnesses can be difficult. And the more complex or mysterious, the harder it […]

Thyroid Diagnosis and Treatment

man standing over kelp, a good thyroid health supplement
Causes of Thyroid Disorders Understanding Your Thyroid Test Results Treating the Thyroid Of all the organs in the human body, the thyroid is one of the smallest and, at the same time, one of the most powerful and important. This butterfly-shaped gland nestles in the space between the Adam’s apple (larynx) and windpipe. Through the […]

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