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Food & Nutrition

The food you eat has a profound effect on your health. Here you will find resources on how you can use that to your advantage with great recipes and the pros and cons of all the latest trendy diets.

How to reverse nutritional deficiencies for optimal health

In America, we have an abundant food supply. And a lot of people take full advantage—which has led to an obesity rate of 35%. Yet despite being well fed—even overfed—most Americans are undernourished and don’t get nearly the amount of essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and prevent disease. Even if you’re eating a truly healthy diet, chances are you’re not getting enough of these essential nutrients…and here’s why.

Study finds 13 spices that help fight inflammation, disease

Spices are a great way to add delicious, sodium-free, zero-calorie flavor to your food. But more than that, research continues to show that taste is just one of the health benefits of spices. Studies have already confirmed the many benefits of spices like turmeric, ginger, and garlic, but the latest research out of Penn State […]

The #1 way to reap the 5 best health benefits of an oft-ignored leafy green

Cabbage does something that few other foods can do: It packs extraordinary amounts of nutrition and health benefits per serving, and it does so with minimal calories. But for as much nutritional punch as it packs, cabbage also carries the stigma of being a dull, flavorless, and a little bit funky. Not true. This cancer-fighting, […]

Two silent killers your doctor can’t always detect

If you’re frustrated with your doctor’s failure to help you feel well, you’re not alone. Misdiagnoses and ineffective treatment of serious ailments, like heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, digestive problems, kidney stones, and gout often result from an inability to properly address the real issue—and it’s not entirely your medical provider’s fault. Inflammation and acidosis of […]

5 cooking methods that turn healthy foods dangerous

As regular readers, you know that great health starts with great food. But you might not realize that there are dangers lurking in foods that are normally nutritious. Sometimes it’s the preparation. Sometimes it’s the sauce or dressing. And sometimes, the simple act of cooking food incorrectly can change it from a health food, to […]

5 natural ways to flush environmental toxins from your body

Imagine having to spend eight, nine, or even 10 hours a day working in an environment filled with toxic chemicals. Sounds terrible, right? But these days, no matter what line of work you’re in or where you live, toxic exposure is a constant. In the past few decades, environmental chemical usage has exploded; there are now […]

8 steps to keep your next meal from sending you to the E.R.

If you’ve ever caught food poisoning, you know it’s sheer misery…nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, and dehydration that can last up to 48 hours. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 1 in 6 Americans acquire a foodborne illness every year. Most people recover fine at home, but nearly 130,000 end up […]

4 powerful antioxidants you should never live without

Spend any time poking around health sites—or health stores—and you can’t help but be inundated by the tales of antioxidants. Just about every product that claims health benefits adds antioxidants to their list of pluses. But they can be a bit light on the details regarding how antioxidants really work in the body. And there’s a […]

7 powerful reasons to eat more of nature’s tiny trees of health

When Italian horticulturalists developed broccoli from cabbage, they probably didn’t realize what a powerful treat they were creating. We like to think of broccoli as a multi-purpose vegetable, because it improves your health in so many areas. From fighting cancer and improving eyesight, to helping your heart and detoxing your body, broccoli does it all. […]

Summer health threats hidden in the great outdoors

Today’s record temperatures can be dangerous to your health. Being outside in the heat without taking certain precautions can lead to serious trouble. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke are three of the most common (and serious) health threats you’ll face when heading out for some fun in the sun. But there’s more danger than meets […]

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