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Detoxing is a very upward trending topic in the natural health space. With the amount of chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday lives, it’s no wonder why people are becoming concerned about what is being introduced into their bodies.

Here you will find articles about chemical overexposure, the impact it can have on your health as well as helpful easy ways you can detox yourself naturally.

Natural Kidney Stone Treatment

man clutching inflamed kidneys
Kidney stones are hard deposits that form inside the kidneys. Composed of minerals and salts, stones can affect any part of the urinary tract, from your kidneys to your bladder. There are four different types of kidney stones. The vast majority—up to 80 percent—are calcium stones. They form when calcium combines with oxalate, a natural chemical found […]

Air Pollution Dangers

When it comes to degenerative brain disease, the conclusion reached in recent research seems like…well…a no-brainer. Air pollution, according to one study leader: “… could be the most pervasive potential cause of brain disease that scientists have ever discovered.” Wait—we needed a boatload of research dollars to figure this out? After all, air pollution is […]

Five natural ways to keep bug-free

woman and grandchild wearing long sleeves in garden
Now that spring is in full throttle—and summer is right around the corner—I hope you’re taking advantage of the warmth and greenery. Simply getting outside and moving around can be great for you. Provided you take the proper precautions. Believe it or not, mosquitoes—acting as a vector for disease—are the biggest killer we face, taking […]

Non-stick Coatings are Poisonous

The modern world is a wonderful place. Today, we’ve got cars that can park themselves, computers that will obey our voices, and cookware that never needs scrubbing. Actually, let’s rethink that last one. Non-stick cookware has been all the rage for decades now—ever since it was first invented. But there’s a big problem—it turns out, […]

Herbicide Alternatives

man gardening and weeding
It goes without saying: herbicides kill. And although the active ingredients in most herbicides have been declared “safe” for human consumption, that’s up for debate. Recently, the most common active ingredient—glyphosate—has been labeled a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. That’s scary to say the least, considering how often we’re exposed […]

Weight Loss and Detoxification

man running on beach
Trying to lose weight? Many of my patients are—with my full support. That’s because beyond feeling self-conscious about how we look, being overweight can cause quite an array of negative side-effects, including: Unreasonable fatigue or mental confusion Sluggish digestion or bloating Allergies and skin irritations Low-grade infections Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes Menstrual […]

Toxins threaten our food supply and health

young boy beekeeper
You’ve probably read that bee populations are in serious decline worldwide, suddenly vanishing, in record numbers, over the past several years. From 2003 through 2013, for example, over 40% of the bee colonies in the U.S. have suffered Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Something is making otherwise healthy bees unable to find their home hive. Those […]

Overcoming Addiction Holistically

I hope that today’s article doesn’t apply to you. I hope that you never need the lessons I’m about to impart. Because, if you do need this advice, that means you’re going through something very difficult. Namely, you’re staring at the ugly face of addiction. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe a relative. Maybe it’s alcohol […]

Dangers of Fish Toxins

woman holding fish
What was once among our finest food sources is now on the no-fry (or poach or bake) list. Billions of fish—from sources all over the world—contain very dangerous toxins. So we must now approach these beautiful providers of top-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids and so many other healthful nutrients with caution. It’s a tragic reminder […]

Kidney Disease in Older Patients

Woman swimming
I’m seeing a worrisome trend in my older patients.  More and more of them are coming to me with back pain—that isn’t about their back. Yes, their back IS where the pain is. But no, it’s not always a back problem. It may be much more serious—kidney disease. Our kidneys separate and eliminate the waste […]

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