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PQQ Solved Jennifer’s Memory and Energy Problems

March 4, 2014 (Updated: August 4, 2021)
Lily Moran

“I’m really worried about getting older, doctor. Every year it seems like I have less energy and less ability to learn and remember things. I know it’s impossible to stop aging, but I’m just hoping there’s something you can give me to slow this down. I ’m worried about geting rid of all the downsides.”

That’s a direct quote from a patient I’ll call Jennifer, who came to see me last year because she was beginning to experience age-related changes. Jennifer was only in her mid-50s, but she was already noticing that she had to read and re-read new material several times to really “get it.” She was also disturbed by the fact that her energy levels seemed to have dropped dramatically in the past few years.

“I eat well, sleep okay, and actually love to exercise. I swim or jog nearly every day, and try to get in a 5K run every month or so,” she explained. “But I’m just struggling to keep up with younger people now, when I used to be out in front of everyone, leading the charge!”

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Adjusting to the changes that occur as you grow older can be challenging. But I’ve found that making small adjustments to accommodate these changes makes a world of difference. The key is to deal with each issue early on, before it becomes more serious and difficult to alter. So I suggested we begin by tackling Jennifer’s problems individually at first. After talking a bit, Jennifer made it clear that her greatest concern was the fact that she was having problems processing new information. As a tax attorney, she had to stay current with ever-changing legislation and court cases that affected her clients. That meant poring over highly technical documents on a daily basis, something that Jennifer was finding increasingly challenging. “I just don’t have time to read and re-read all the documents I need for my business,” she explained. “I’d like to be able to read once, get it, and move on. But I suppose that’s too much to expect now that I’m older.”

Actually, I thought Jennifer’s request was quite reasonable, as long as she was willing to provide solid support for the necessary brain activities. I suggested she increase her dosage of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs), focusing particularly on a product that contained a higher amount of brain-friendly DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) to 3 grams daily. In addition, I recommended Jennifer start taking 20 mg of PQQ every day. This would help her body create new mitochondria while minimizing the damage caused by aging.

Nearly a year later, Jennifer returned to my clinic for a physical and reported that her memory issues were a thing of the past. “I don’t feel like I have to struggle to remember things I’m reading any longer,” she told me. “My attention span and comprehension are so much better than they were. I can read even complicated pieces just once and get it, so now I can get through the tax journals easily. I’m just amazed at how well certain vitamins and supplements work if you take them regularly and give them a chance.”

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